Bali is the perfect place to spend a summer holiday. Situated in Indonesia which has a tropical climate, Bali offers exoticism and natural beauty that is unmatched. Even amidst a lush green tropical forest, you will find an unspoiled piece of paradise. Continuing along the coast from North to South, you will be amazed by the white sand combined with the clear water. If you have the courage to dive into the waters, then you will see biodiversity that will fascinate you. Not only that, but Bali also has a million resorts and world-class hotels that are ready to guarantee satisfaction; and the Hanging Gardens of Bali Resort is one of the examples.

The Perfection of Hanging Gardens of Bali’s Pools

The Perfection of Hanging Gardens of Bali’s Pools (Photo courtesy of Hanging Gardens of Bali Resort)

Hanging Gardens of Bali is one of the best resorts that offer a unique experience that is impossible to forget. The resort set in the middle of the Ubud wilderness is a hidden gem. One of the highlights of the Hanging Gardens of Bali is the famous swimming pool. This place has one of the best swimming pools in the world. This swimming pool seems to hang on the edge of a cliff. Yes, in front of you there is a wilderness that presents a soothing rhythmic jungle sound. It will be an amazing experience; enjoy the beauty of nature while soaking in the best swimming pool in the world! You can feel these sensations day and night. During the day, the freshness of the water will encourage you to go through the day. Meanwhile, at night, the romantic atmosphere will make this place like heaven.

The Elegance of Hanging Gardens of Bali’s Pools (Photo courtesy of Hanging Gardens of Bali Resort)

You can get the amazing atmosphere at the Hanging Gardens of Bali’s swimming pool at home if you use Bali Black Lavastone tiles. The last name is tiles that have been processed from natural stone originating from Indonesia. The characteristics of these natural stones will make any swimming pool look stunning, day or night. Uniqueness like this is very necessary if you want to create a swimming pool for public or private. For public swimming pools, visitors will feel fascinated by the exotic appearance. It will affect their minds that result in a comfortable feeling. Meanwhile for the pool owners, having a beautiful swimming pool is a satisfaction that is difficult to measure.

In this case, the Hanging Gardens of Bali has chosen the best material there is! The Bali Black Lavastone tiles managed to blend with the concept of the pool. It is hard to imagine if the resort uses different stone tiles. It wouldn’t look like what it is right now. The pool’s design was fantastic and the stones just make everything has the perfectness. The stones will keep the temperature at the right point during the day. And it will glow during the night’s thanks to the lighting fixture that reflects romanticism. It is a win-win solution for any swimming pool project as the Bali Black Lavastone tiles work best with any pools’ concept. The pools at the Hanging Gardens of Bali is an example that a small pool looks amazing as long as you choose the right materials.

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The Swimming Pool with Bali Black Lavastone Creates a Paradise in the Hanging Gardens of Bali

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