Andesite Stone

grey andesite
Indonesia Andesite Stone

Andesite stone is a type of extrusive igneous rock-based on how they form.

In history, the named of “andesite” is derived from the world-longest mountain, the Andes mountains of South America.

Meanwhile, this extrusive igneous rock also can be found in other countries, especially Indonesia.

Indonesia andesite stone classified based on how they color. There are several items varian of it and surface finishes’ variation also.

Characteristics of Indonesia Andesite Stone

Indonesia Andesite Stone
  • Textured: Solid and harsh, not easily damaged by scratching and weather changes
  • Color variants: Dark-grey color and dark-green color.
  • Motive: Plain and spots
  • Application: Exterior (facades, fence, pillar, carport, and terrace) and interior flooring tile
  • Finishing: Sawn cut, split face, flamed, bushhammered, honed, and polished
  • Mineral contents:  plagioclase feldspar minerals, silica (55-65%), amphibole, or pyroxene
  • Cutting size available : 100x100mm, 300x300mm, 300x600mm, 600x600mm (Custome available)
  • Thickness available: 15 ~ 30mm (Custome available)

Indonesia Andesite Stone – Favourite Choice since Colonial Era

Indonesia andesite stone or also known as “face stone” is so a popular natural stone since the colonial era in our country. Our ancestors commonly used andesite stone for wall cladding, gate or fence, and canal irrigation also.

In the past, they commonly found the blocks of andesite stone around the river then produced in manual ways.

Solid and resistant to weather changes make andesite stone become so popular choice on around the world.

In the twentieth-century, minimalist then becomes the most suitable concept by choosing Indonesia andesite stone to beautify your projects.

Project Gallery: Laman Ceylon – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Laman Ceylon project at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

On this project, our clients requested andesite stone with trapezoid pattern and honed surface finishes.

We officially handle this project by using an andesite “trapezoid” stone around 150m2 to beautify their exterior wall cladding.

“Laman ceylon is one of our fantastic excitement projects, because the client is really friendly, easy to discuss, and the request pattern is very unique,” said Winsen Setiawan, managing director of Stone Depot.

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