Bali Green Sukabumi Stone for Swimming Pool at Sofitel Nusa Dua, Bali

The swimming pool now has a value shifting function, started from being used as a means of sports, and now is changing as means of entertainment and relaxation. This can be seen from the number of hotels that adopt these principles, leaving the conventional swimming pool design that only concerned with size and prefers to build a swimming pool with a design that is not too big but has beauty. This is what drives the use of quality materials for swimming pools. Tiles are one of the important materials in designing and building swimming pools. And for this material, you should use the Bali green Sukabumi stone, which is one of the best swimming pool tiles ever.

But why we need to choose Bali green Sukabumi stone over other kinds of tiles? We have a list of reasons Bali green sukabumi stone is a lot of benefits for the swimming pool.

Bali Green Sukabumi Stone has a Lot of Benefits

Bali Green Sukabumi Stone for Swimming Pool Tiles at Sofitel Nusa Dua, Bali

Talking about the benefits, the Bali green Sukabumi stone offers plenty of it. The natural green tone offers elegant and exoticism that will give your swimming pool a certain texture, pure crystal water just like the ocean. And this stone has the ability to keep the temperature cool because it would not absorb the heat. Of course, it would give a refreshing sensation every time you dip in the pool. The thermally-stable nature is what makes this stone used worldwide because it can go hand in hand with all conditions.

Easy Maintenance                    

Once the installation has done, you can sit back and relax because the tiles don’t require strict maintenance so you can reduce maintenance costs. It is different than other tiles materials that need to be maintained regularly which will consume your time, energy, and money.

Safe and Anti-Slip

When it comes to designing the swimming pool, there are some aspects that need to be calculated. Other than its artistic value, the safety factor is above everything else. The best thing about the Bali green Sukabumi stone is anti-slip tiles in wet conditions so the tiles are safe when you use it as the floor tile. It also has a texture that is easy to grip and won’t slip. The tip is simple, if you want to use the green Sukabumi tiles for the swimming pool then you need to choose the smooth finishing which is suitable for the wet area. You will get a flat face too. We recommend you to choose the Honed finishing instead of Sawn cut because the Honed finishing is the best among others cut.

Zeolite Substance

Maybe this is the ultimate reason why you should choose the Bali green Sukabumi stone and tiles as the main swimming pool material. It is because of this. As a result, your pool is clean, fresh, and healthy as only a few organisms on there.

Green Sukabumi Stone Benefits

Those are a few explanations why the Bali green Sukabumi stone stated as one of the best Bali swimming pool tiles.

If you’d like to find out more about it and how much they’d cost for your project, feel free to reach out to us at: (Devi) or email: [email protected]

Bali Green Sukabumi Stone – Best Bali Swimming Pool Tiles

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