Our Indonesia Natural Stone Tiles are the greatness building material for Tropical House.

Indonesia is known as an archipelago with an area almost the same as some parts of Europe. With a very wide landscape, this country also has a variety of resources, ranging from natural resources, flora, fauna, language, to culture. This geographical factor also makes Indonesia known as a natural stone importer country. In fact, there are various types of natural stones that can be found here. Even some world-class architects use Indonesian natural stone as a material for their concepts and projects. Especially for architects who try the concept of a tropical house. The use of natural stone will complement the concept with excellent execution.

Among the several types of Indonesian natural stones, some of the natural stones below are suggested by experts. If you are planning to realize a tropical home concept, consider the following product recommendations.

Indonesia Black Lava Stone Tiles

Bali Black Lavastone for Swimming Pool (Photo Courtesy of Carmel Taiba Exclusive Resort, Brazil)

The first type of natural stone is one of the most popular types. As the name implies, this natural stone is formed due to volcanic activity. Lava that comes out of the mouth of a volcano and is exposed to colder temperatures will harden. This raw material is the basic material for Indonesia’s Black lava stone. At first glance, the characteristics of the Lava Stone look authentic with a distinctive jet black color.

The use of lava stone will make the tropical atmosphere look more natural because black will blend with green as the main color. Regarding strength, Lava stone is known as the strongest natural stone.

Green Sukabumi Stone

Green Sukabumi Stone for Swimming Pool (Photo Courtesy of Renaissance Pattaya Resort & Spa, Thailand)

The second option is Green Sukabumi stone, a green natural stone that is often used as a material for swimming pools. A tropical house will feel more complete with a mini swimming pool at the back. Using Green Sukabumi stone tiles will make you feel more tropical. The clear and shiny water in the swimming pool feels more exotic with the natural green color combination of Sukabumi stone. The color gradation looks more perfect around the swimming pool using lava stone pavers.

Indonesia White Classic Limestone 

Indonesia White Limestone for Wall Cladding at Sofitel Nusa Dua Resort, Bali

Another alternative to creating an exotic tropical residence is White Classic Limestone. With their distinctive white color, these stone tiles will complete your interior and exterior design. This natural stone will make the interior look warmer and more comfortable, while the use of any exterior will complement your tropical concept.

Indonesia White Classic Limestone is perfect for wall cladding, pillars, or flooring. So it is up to you to choose the Indonesia stone tiles and play mix and match with your concept.

Indonesia Andesite Stone Tiles

Indonesia Andesite Stone for Pavers at Australian Benjamin Young Homes

Last but not least, Indonesia Andesite stone is suitable for the exterior due to its character. Considered igneous rock, Andesite rock has an unbeatable strength. This stone will not scratch easily and is resistant to extreme weather changes. These properties make Andesite remain strong even when used on the outer part of the house, such as a terrace, facade, carport, or fence.

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Indonesia Natural Stone – The Greatness of Indonesia Natural Stone Tiles for Tropical House

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