Balinese Stone Basins is a premium Bali stone for the romantic bathroom style.

Accessories and ornaments play an important role in determining the beauty of the interior of the house. When you determine an interior design concept, then you also have to think about various aspects that will help make that dream come true. One way to do this is to write a list of accessories or ornaments that will be used as decorations. In fact, you have to write down to the smallest elements that often contribute to harmony. One important thing that is unfortunately often overlooked is the basin. These are the little elements that will make your concept come true. If you carry a traditional concept that emphasizes aesthetic value, Bali stone basins will be the right choice.

The Antiqueness of Balinese Stone Basins

Interior design with a traditional concept means that you need to select antique items. Sometimes we really have to choose items that come from materials that are still raw. Balinese stone basins are a clear example of this illustration. This ornament is made of real stone which is then sculpted to have a shape like a basin. This process is of course carried out by professionals who have long experience in arts. Bali itself is the birthplace of world-class artists who have produced great works of art. So if you are looking for an ornament that will complement the traditional style of your home interior, Bali is the best place to find the best items.

Bali Onyx Wash Basins by Stone Depot

Balinese stone basins will make a small corner in your home look more character. Moreover, this product also has several variants made of different stone materials. If you want something that looks more environmentally friendly, choose basins that are made of natural stone. Its deep black color will make it look more earthy. Meanwhile, if you want something that has strong characteristics, Bali Honey Onyx marble stone will be the right choice. This basin has a striking natural texture with several color combinations. The brown pattern looks domineering with black and white stripes which make it look more elegant. The visible abstract veins can blend well if you have nice wall cladding with natural stone as well.

bali-riverstone-basins (1)
Bali Riverstone Basins by Stone Depot

The concept of traditional bathroom is now clearer when you choose Balinese stone basins as the decoration. If you think that is not enough, you can use a customize faucet that will match the appearance of the basins. You can go to the local workshop to mold customize faucet that will blend look earthy as well. But if you want something simple, a minimalist or contemporary faucet works just fine with this stone-based basin. Even some luxury hotels use the combination of natural and modernity by pairing the stone basins with elegant faucet.

As we reach the end of the article, we all now know that the Balinese stone basins can be alternative options for those who want to go for a traditional-concept bathroom. This hand-made item will give a different look and ambiance to the bathroom thanks to its unique and antique design. You will be proud of the result, I promise!

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Balinese Stone Basins – The Traditional Balinese Stone Basins Handmade

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