Summertime is the perfect time to reward yourself with a vacation that could ease your mind. During these times, Bali often becomes the ultimate destination for those who want to indulge themselves. 

As choosing the perfect place to stay can be difficult, you might want to look at these seven resorts with Bali pool tiles for your perfect summer holiday.

Stunning Blue Tiles: Holiday Inn, Resorts

Kuda Laut Mosaic Tile for blue swimming pool at Holiday Inn, Bali

Combining luxury and durability isn’t impossible to achieve with ceramic tiles. Holiday Inn Resorts is the prime example because this Bali pool tile gives a splash of personality to the whole look. Ideal for any design, modern or contemporary, Kuda Laut ceramic tiles will bring out the design more with their mosaic look. 

Green and White contrast: Sofitel, Nusa Dua, Bali

Green Sukabumi Stone for tropical green pool at Sofitel Nusa Dua, Bali

Natural stones might have a more muted color compared to artificial ones. However, that doesn’t mean using natural stone would dull the design of the resort. Sofitel proves that it is possible to play with color while fully using natural stones. With one of the most purchased Bali pool tiles, Green Sukabumi stone as the tile, and sandstones for the wall and pool deck, this resort located in Nusa Dua managed to create a beautiful combination of green and ivory white. 

Functional Usage of Lavastone: Bambu Indah

Black Lavastone for elegance dark swimming pool at Bambu Indah Resort

As eco-tourism starts to gain popularity, Bambu Indah hotel starts to get its name well known. Using lava stone as the pool tile, Bambu Indah creates a pool that resembles a river. Their decision to use lava stone isn’t solely based on its look. Black lava stone is known to be porous that could work as a water filter. Bambu Indah resort utilizes this function and replaces chlorine with this Bali pool tile to be more eco-friendly.

Elevated Look: Ayana Resort

Beautiful green pool with Bali Stone at Ayana Resort, Bali

Green Sukabumi stone has gained a reputation for elevating the look of the pool. Ayana Resort is an example of how this green-hued natural stone could look stunning if combined with other natural stones and wooden ornaments.

A Dashing Combination Of Natural Stones: The Hanging Garden

Bali pool tile and its exoticsm at The Hanging Gardens of Bali

One of the reasons why natural stones have become more popular as pool tile is that they wouldn’t retain heat. It is especially important for countries like Indonesia as it is almost sunny all year. Combining Green Sukabumi stone as the pool tile with black lava stone like what Hanging Garden does would be the perfect combo that can easily cool off the water. Hence, your pool would remain cold as both stones don’t retain heat.

Fivelements Retreat

Exotic bali green pool tile at Fivelements Retreats

From its plant-based cuisine to sacred art performances, Fivelements retreat offers a nature-centric experience once you check in to the place. This, of course, is reflected in its building design. Combining the usage of bamboo as well as natural stones, such as Green Sukabumi stone and black lava stones, you’d truly experience the beauty of nature during your stay. 

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