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A little yet lush green garden can be an oasis after dealing with a daily hectic life. A Balinese-inspired home garden may give you a holiday feel every day. Adding Bali stone pebbles and combining them with stones and other exotic garden elements will bring your home garden to the next level. Let’s see a few simple favorite ways.

A Balinese Paradise Landscaping

Exotic mini garden backyard with Bali pebbles for landscaping

Make sure you have an open garden landscape design, regardless of the size of your garden. It is a free-form style in a more cozily privileged and secluded escape.

You can surround your garden with protective masses of tropical foliage and greeneries rather than formal hedges. Also, instead of straight lines, flowing and winding pathways with Balinese pebbles and stepping stones will give a more intriguing sense of a Balinese retreat.

Go for Natural Look with Bali Pebbles

Natural screens like bamboo, trellis, palms, and brushwood may also be great here to create a serene atmosphere. They can support other tropical climbing vegetation. Moreover, these garden curtain elements are budget-friendly and effortless to install.

Timber and stone for gates and screens may work well with contrasting green foliage and natural stone paving ideas.

Add Balinese Garden Decorative Elements

Bali pebbles for Balinese garden style

Give a simple Balinese touch to your home garden by adding exotic decorative elements, such as exotic Balinese-style artwork. You may put sculptures, timber-made lanterns, unglazed pots or bowls, Hindu god statues, wind chimes, and more. They complete the above natural landscaping you have worked on so far.

Water Features Are A-Must

Never forget to add this crucial ingredient in creating a tropical Balinese garden. Yes, the magical water world. A simple pond, a small fish pond, or a natural stone-made fountain are some examples here.

If the budget allows, you may go for outdoor pools, complete with the idea of outdoor showers.

Once again, you can mix them with other decorative plants (water lilies, for example), works of art (statues), and Bali pebbles and stone pathways. They will offer instant soothing visual and auditory effects.

Create a Meandering Walking Passage

This article has mentioned several times garden pathways made of natural stone slabs and pebbles.

You can decide how far those stepping stones are apart from one another. The slower, the better since you are pursuing a more relaxed Balinese escape.

Pebbles are also a vital part of a tropical garden. They are rough-to-polish black pebbles, gorgeous glossy white pebbles, and mixed-colored pebbles.

You can choose the one you prefer the most.

Looking for natural stepping stones and white Bali pebbles? Check out Depot. It offers its first-rate products in different sizes and color variations.

Add a Shady Sanctuary

A Balinese garden pavilion or a hut may provide a shady and cozy space for your garden. If the budget does not allow it, you can go for a less expensive DIY kit pavilion for a garden.

If budget is not an issue, you can complete it with a fire pit, decorative lamps or lanterns, and a pebble-line platform. They will create an exotic air and mood, the perfect ambiance to linger in the evenings with your beloved ones.

You can add simple natural and exotic elements to create a serene Balinese-style home garden. An unhurried journey of the garden paths with the combination of natural stone slabs and Bali pebbles will convey a more relaxing feel.

If you’d like to find out more about it and how much they’d cost for your project, feel free to reach out to us at: (Stefani) or email [email protected]

Simple Home Garden Inspiration with Bali Pebbles

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