Our Indonesia Natural Stone Tiles is a premium Bali natural stone for the outdoor.

Indonesia Natural Stone Tiles

Indonesia, the largest archipelago country, offers the best and high-quality natural stone tiles that would perfect for the outdoor. Among the exotic natural stone in this world, Indonesia has at least 10 exclusive natural stones that will complement your outdoor. Whether it is the pavers, wall cladding, tiles, or even the backyard, the natural stone tiles from Indonesia will always be the best option there is! Here’s the list of top 10 Indonesia natural stone tiles options for you.

1. Green Sukabumi Stone

Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles

This one is known for its magical substance contained in it. The zeolite comes as what distinguishes the Green Sukabumi Stone from others. It reduces the ammonia in the water which means less pool maintenance.

2. Bali Black Lavastone

Black Lavastone Tiles

Famous for its elegance, the Bali Black Lavastone is the best option for those who want to build a large pool by the beach. This material used in many 5-stars Hotels and Villas around the globe.

3. Bali White Limestone

Bali White Classic Limestone Tiles

The Bali White Limestone is also suitable for any pool coping, wall cladding, or used as pavers around the swimming pool. Its unique white texture is suitable for the tropical outdoor pool. It is also a good combination for the Bali Black Lavastone.

4. Indonesia golden-yellow sandstone tiles

Indonesia Golden Palimo Sandstone Tiles

Also known as the Palimanan Stone, the Golden Yellow Sandstone Tiles will make the pool deck looks great. It also gives contrast as the pool has a blue turquoise color. Also, the veining looks exceptional and add a unique character to the pool.

5. Indonesia green ocean wave stone

Indonesia Green Ocean Wave

The Green Ocean Wave Stone is another option if you are looking for Indonesia’s top 10 natural stone products. The Green Ocean Wave Stone is great for outdoor pavers or used as an indoor application. On your outdoor, the green basalt stone will keep the appearance more natural and fresh.

6. Indonesia White Sandstone

Indonesia White Palimo Sandstone

If you are looking for the best natural stone for the pavers, the White Sandstone Tiles provide everything you need. It is available in several tones and has a rough surface that will make the pavers anti-slip, which is safe for the pool surrounding.

7. Terrazzo Tiles

The Terrazo Tiles are available in several different color combinations. It is a great material for home decoration because you can make a mosaic pattern out of it. The tiles are perfect for indoor or outdoor flooring, even for wall cladding as well.

8. Indonesia Java Cream Marble

Indonesia Java Cream Marble

When it comes to building a pool, you should think about the vicinity. In this case, the Indonesia Java Cream Marble is a great source to decorate the surrounding. The best part about the Java Cream Marble from Indonesia is that you can create a beautiful pattern.

9. Indonesia Black Basalt

Indonesia Black Basalt

Other than green, the Indonesia Black Basalt stone is another option for the pool coping. Also, this is a great material as the pavers around the swimming pool.

10. Indonesia Pebbles Stone

Indonesia Pebbles Stone Mosaic

If you build a tropical pool with plants around, the Bali pebbles mosaic stone is a great source to cover the roots. Another thing you can do with the pebbles stone is filling the empty spot between the rocks to create a stunning pattern.

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Top 10 Indonesia Natural Stone Tiles Options For Your Outdoor

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