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Summer and pool is the best combination ever! Nothing’s better than hanging out around the pool with cold drinks on your hands, enjoying the summer holiday until the end. Now with the summer that is around the corner, it is time to prepare everything to redecorate the pool. In this section, we have 6 awesome pool design ideas where you can have fun with family and friends. But this time, we use Indonesia’s natural stone tiles for the swimming pool. Indonesia is an archipelago country with abundant natural resources. One of them, the natural stone tiles, is the best material to make your pool ideas happen. Let’s have a look at these six pool ideas with Indonesia stone tiles!

1. Kid’s Pool with Green Sukabumi Tiles

Kid’s Pool with Green Sukabumi Tiles (Courtesy of Stone Depot Client in Cambodia Project)

The kids’ pool doesn’t need to have big and deep because the kids need a safe pool for entertainment. It is paired with the Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles that has natural green color and anti-slip features that ensure the kids have a good grip during their dip. Don’t forget to add a small pool playground where the kids can do slide and slip under the water fountain.

2. Waterpark Swimming Pool with White Classic Limestone Tiles

Waterpark Swimming Pool with White Classic Limestone Tiles (Courtesy of Camaya Coast Bataan Properties, Philippines)

By applying Bali White Limestone Tiles inside the swimming pool, especially for the Waterpark project, it can create some benefits such as calmness sensation with an elegant and modern pool.

3. Swimming Pool Deck with Black Lavastone Tiles

Swimming Pool Decks with Black Lavastone Tiles at Holiday Inn Resort, Bali

Swimming pool decks are a part of the swimming pool that needs lines that used as the marker for the swimmers. That is the reason that the Black Lavastone Tiles are the best option there is. The striking black color helps the swimmers notice the length of the pool. In this case, you can combine the Black Lavastone Tiles with other Indonesia natural stone as the pool materials.

4. Modern Blue-Pool with Bali Glaze Mosaic

Modern Blue-Pool with Bali Glaze Mosaic at Holiday Inn Resort, Bali

Do you remember the movie “Eat, Pray, Love”? One of the scenes impresses me with the Bali tile mosaic to build a house for a little poor girl. Yaps, that is Bali Glaze Mosaic. The pool with Glaze Mosaic from Bali inside will look amazing and brings a fresh and relax sensation in your body. Bali Glaze Mosaic with Blue-Light color reflects the tranquility condition which is perfect with the tropical pool design. Now you have the best spot to relax under the summer sun. It would be better if the pool has the ocean view right in front of it!

5. Elegance Pool with Bali SkyBlue Stone

Elegance Pool with Bali SkyBlue Stone (Courtesy of Flora Ville Golf Club Bangkok)

Bali sky blue stone creates a Wow factor in the swimming pool modern design. It’s more beautiful while combining with other natural stones such as Silver grey stone. All of them, you can found from Bali, Indonesia.

6. Simple Elegant Pool with Green Sukabumi Stone

Simple Elegant Pool with Green Sukabumi Stone at Australia Benjamin Young Homes

Last but not least, sometimes we just need a simple and luxurious pool to relax. Also, the simple pool doesn’t require a lot of spaces to build so a small yard owner can have it. This idea would fit when you use the Green Sukabumi Stone that enhances the cozy atmosphere to your pool.

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6 Awesome Pool Design Ideas with Indonesia Natural Stone Tiles

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