MesaStila is one of the unique buildings located at the foot of Mount Merapi, Magelang, Central Java. This place is like an oasis that becomes the focal point of a desert, but in this case, the desert is an exotic volcano with stunning views around it.

In short, MesaStila is the right resort if you want to find natural freshness while getting closer to nature. This is the best place when you are tired of monotonous hectic activities. MesaStila offers a valuable experience to take a break from all burdens and thoughts. By presenting a classic and exotic resort concept, MesaStila will ensure that you will feel better after experiencing various types of stress at work.

MesaStila Resort and the Candi Lava Stone Stairs

The first time you set foot at the gate, you will immediately feel a natural breeze that is thick with a mix of classic feel from the buildings. This resort does not look flashy, MesaStila does not want to spoil the harmony and beauty of the surrounding, instead, this resort embraces this harmony to create its own uniqueness.

In the vicinity, you will also not see modern constructions, but you will see the natural stone which is also a puzzle piece that completes the whole beauty. This resort uses natural stone to decorate the swimming pool, pavers, and stairs. Even in some corners of the resort, we can see the exoticism of natural stone that makes us one with the beautiful nature.

1. Durable staircase and weather resistant

candi-lava-stone-stairs-at-mesastila-spa-resort-magelang (2)
Elegance dark-grey stairs with Candi Lava Stone at MesaStila

The staircase is one of the corners that will give the best impression thanks to the Candi Lava stone. In the construction process, MesaStila uses natural materials so that the resort does not lose its authentic touch. Even for the stairs, they use Candi Lava stone stairs, the material that is also used by several colossal temples in Indonesia.

 If you don’t know, Indonesia has several historical relics in the form of temples that have been standing strong for hundreds of years. These temples use lava stone, a natural stone that has very strong characteristics with a distinctive black color. This natural stone is also known for its excellent resistance to weather changes and erosion, making it one of the strongest stones in the world.

2. Safety and versatile

candi-lava-stone-stairs-at-mesastila-spa-resort-magelang (3)
Good durability pavers with Candi Lava Stone

MesaStila uses the lava stone temple not because of its strength and unique features, considering that they also think of the safety factor. With a rough surface texture and excellent ability to absorb water, Candi lava stone stairs have an anti-slip feature that will ensure always provide a good grip. It is the right natural stone that will fit different types of projects. Its complete characteristics make it versatile because you can use the same material for several areas at once such as pavers, pool tiling, and even some corners in the interior of the house.

3. Bring a natural feel 

candi-lava-stone-stairs-at-mesastila-spa-resort-magelang (1)
Candi Lava Stone Stairs and plants, combine perfectly

With all of these properties, we can understand that MesaStila resort has selected the right kind of natural stone. The Candi lava stone stairs manage to bring a natural feel while offering plenty of benefits for the users. This might inspire you to do the same thing for the next projects in the future.

If you’d like to find out more about it and how much they’d cost for your project, feel free to reach out to us at : (Stefani) or email [email protected]

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