Bali Lava Stone is one of the natural stones that have some distinctive characteristics. This natural stone has a unique aura that can make anyone who sees it will be fascinated by its beauty.

In recent years, Bali lava has started to be used as wall decoration, making it one of the most popular natural stones. The architects also admit that the beauty and exoticism of the Bali natural stone with its elegant dark-grey colors will make every construction project a neat finish.

In other words, Black volcanic lava stone also has become the main choice of constructors in creating beautiful and harmonious buildings. It will be the right choice for various building accessories, such as wall cladding, pavers, or even pool coping also.

Strong natural feel with a random pattern

bali-lava-stone-cladding-at-baobab-safari-resort (2)
Bali Lava Stone for wall cladding exterior at Baobab Safari Resort

In practice, many project managers use black lava stone as wall cladding. The distinctive black color with a rough texture makes it suitable as a decoration in the wall area, for example at Baobab Safari Resort. Wall cladding is a technique used to change the appearance of a plain wall into a magnificent work of art.

When done with the right techniques and natural stone, wall cladding will present a beautiful panorama in your house. Bali black lava stone also can fulfill your dream of a unique wall decoration with natural stone that gives a very strong natural feel. This will be the best opportunity to do something different because Bali Lava Stone always delivers results beyond expectations.

Versatile and various design

bali-lava-stone-cladding-at-baobab-safari-resort (1)
Random pattern of black lava stone with good durability and weather-resistant

Interestingly, you can do some creations to create beautiful wall cladding. Our black volcanic Lava Stone can offers several product choices that can be used for wall cladding with varied patterns. At least, now you have 5 choices of patterns Tumbled split, camel cladding, random cladding mosaic, strip cladding mosaic, and black camel cladding mosaic.

With more choices, you can pour interesting ideas that can be realized into a beautiful masterpiece in the project constructions. Keep in mind that each pattern will match any other decoration around them. In short, the wall cladding projects will blend with the vicinity in order to create a beautiful harmony.

Bali Lava Stone at Affordable Price

Lava stone random pattern for the affordable price of a wall cladding project

Right now you understand that wall cladding is something that you have to do seriously. When you choose the incorrect natural stone, you will be disappointed with the result. Before you start the wall cladding projects, make sure that our Lava Stone is on your list, especially when you want a beautiful natural stone that will elevate the appearance of your construction projects. Last but not least, Bali Lava Stone is also affordable, making it easy to make sure you keep the budget tight.

If you’d like to find out more about it and how much they’d cost for your project, feel free to reach out to us at: (Stefani) or email [email protected]

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