Bali Glass Mosaic Tile is a premium Bali Ceramic & Porcelain Tiles for the perfect family swimming pool.

There are many criteria that visitors consider when they are looking for a hotel. For some people, the family is the main consideration in finding a place to stay. Parents may only care about the comfort of the hotel, but if they bring their family members, especially kids, the swimming pool is on the well-considered list. Kids will surely be happy if they can use the swimming pool and other hotel facilities. Anyway, the Novotel Surabaya Hotel can be the best choice for families. The hotel provides everything, including a safe and comfortable family pool that will make the whole family members happy to stay. In addition, the pool has an amazing design made of high-quality material such as Bali Glass Mosaic Tile.

Family Friendly Swimming Pool at Novotel Surabaya Hotel

The beauty and safety swimming pool for kids at Novotel Surabaya Hotel & Suites

Swimming pools are often a mainstay of facilities offered by hotels and resorts. No wonder they spend a lot of time and effort to build a swimming pool that can meet all the needs of visitors. In this case, family visitors will definitely consider the safety factor. They want the hotel facilities to not only provide fun but also ensure that their kids stay safe while in the pool area. Novotel Surabaya Hotel is aware of this and they make sure the swimming pool is friendly for young children. The choice of material has also been taken into account while paying attention to the safety aspect above all else. This is what the Bali Glass Mosaic Tile is all about. It gives aesthetic and safety value to any swimming pool.

Bali Glass Mosaic Tile is well known as a good material for swimming pools. This ceramic has even been used in several 5-star hotels throughout Indonesia. It is not surprising that more hotels use this because it meets all the criteria they need. As we already know that there are very high standards because hotels always provide the best service. Including in the swimming pool area, where visitor satisfaction remains the main focus. This material will certainly make the pool look more beautiful without compromising the safety factor for children.

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Bali Glass Mosaic Tile for the perfect family pool at Novotel Surabaya Hotel & Suites

The key factor of the Bali Glass Mosaic Tile is the surface that has long-lasting color and perfect texture that provides grip. We all know that the appearance of the swimming pool depends on the color of the ceramics. When the color of the ceramics fades away, it will result in its appearance as the pool will look dull. It will also affect the water by making it looks cloudy. It is clear that people won’t even dip into a pool like that. And when it comes to safety, the grip ensures that everyone is safe inside the pool. The grip will prevent the major accidents that will risk the safety of the swimmers, including the kids.

Now you know where to go when you need a good place to stay in Surabaya, it’s Novotel Hotel. Plus, you have more information about the Bali Glass Mosaic Tile that will ensure the beauty and safety of any swimming pool.

If you’d like to find out more about it and how much they’d cost for your project, feel free to reach out to us at: (Stefani) or email [email protected]

The Perfect Family Swimming Pool with Bali Glass Mosaic Tile at Novotel Surabaya Hotel & Suites

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