Bali Marble Cladding is a premium Bali natural stone for a beautiful wall cladding.

Marble is a natural stone that most homeowners want. The experts and architects also agree that a property that uses marble as an element in the room will have a higher value. In terms of economic value, these properties will clearly have a much higher bargaining value. Meanwhile, when viewed from the aesthetic value, the beauty of the property using marble is unmatched. Even the Wujil Resort & Conventions Ungaran, which uses Bali Marble Stone as part of the wall cladding, realizes those reasons. The two reasons above are clear reasons why the hotel chose to use marble stone for wall cladding. Instead of using other natural stones, they choose something extraordinary!

Bali Marble Cladding at Wujil Resort & Conventions Ungaran, Central Java

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Java cascade marble for the beautiful exterior parts at The Wujil Resort

Based on the formation process by nature, marble is included in the category of crystalline rock formed from a mixture of limestone. Pure marble has a white, milky color, which indicates a very high mineral content of calcite. However, please also note that not all marble stones are white. Marble stones from various parts of the world actually have different distinctive motifs and colors. So just because it is not pure white milky color, doesn’t mean that those stones are not authentic. The Bali Marble Cladding at Wujil Resort & Conventions Ungaran is a mixture of white marble and colorful marble. That makes the wall cladding looks beautiful and extraordinary.

When it comes to wall cladding, you can choose Bali Marble Cladding not only because of the beauty of its color. This natural stone has several patterns that can give the wall a certain character. Regarding color, this natural stone is available in white, mega red, gray, and imperial gray. From the available colors, you can mix and match to create a beautiful pattern. The Wujil Resort & Conventions Ungaran has chosen to try a unique approach. You can also do this by choosing a mosaic or hexagonal pattern that will add aesthetic value to the wall cladding. Even with just plain pattern, the wall that uses marble stone for wall cladding looks exquisite.

The Modern Wall Cladding Look with Java Cascade Marble at The Wujil Resort

Interestingly, Bali Marble Cladding is not only used at the Wujil Resort & Conventions Ungaran. This natural stone has been used for several large projects around the world. The Taj Mahal also uses marble for wall cladding on the outer and inner walls. Marble is known as a natural stone that can build an elegant atmosphere and create a comfortable aura. So it’s no wonder that many world-class hotels use marble for wall cladding. They even use it for flooring, which will add to the specialty of the room. But now, just let’s focus on marble for wall cladding.

Last, the Bali Marble Cladding character also provides a lot of benefits. Its ability to survive in hot areas will keep a building at room temperature. In addition, marble is known as a natural stone that has a good level of durability. And most importantly, fire resistance keeps the building area safe in the worst conditions.

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Beautiful Bali Marble Cladding at The Wujil Resort & Conventions Ungaran

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