Beautiful exterior wall parts with Black Lava Temple Stone

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There are many options to decorate your house into a perfect place to stay all day. For instance, the use of Bali lava stone as the decoration of your walls, floors, or even your private pool. Bali lava stone is one of the famous Indonesian natural stones.

The lava stone comes from the eruption of Merapi mountain in central Java province, Indonesia. This lava stone is also used to build the world’s biggest Buddhist temple in Indonesia, which is Borobudur Temple. Some people might be thinking, why do we have to use Bali lava stone as our home-decoration? To answer the question, we have to look at the goals that we want to reach. For instance, if you want to make your house into a beautiful-elegance dream house, you can use this Bali lava stone as the best option. The uniqueness of this lava stone has a small porous on the surface of the stone.

Nowadays, people prefer to use paint or wallpaper as a coating-covered wall decoration because it is considered a cheap material rather than using Lava stone. However, if you want to increase your house value, once again this is your only best option available.

Even though the material from Bali lava stone is quite expensive, this material can make your house looks very luxurious and eye-catching. There are many advantages of using Bali lava stone as we can see below.

Advantages of Bali Lava Stone (2)
Bali Lava Stone for Wall Cladding at Jewel Changi’s Airport, Singapore
  • The strength of stone

Natural stone material has many types. One of them is Lava Stone which is known to be superior to the weather. This advantage of the stone makes this natural stone free of fungus and moss. This makes the job of homeowners easier because they don’t need to apply a special coating to prevent mold and mildew too often.

  • Natural and Fresh impression

It is very common that the installation of natural stone can add a Natural-Impression to your house. If you want to make a natural fresh look of a house you can try to use this lava stone as your wall decoration.

  • Traditional-Looks

This impression can be displayed by the black volcanic lava temple stone because this stone is a stone that is widely used for making stupas or temples. So by using it we seem to be back in the time or when the temple was built, namely during the kingdom of the archipelago.

  • Luxury-Looks

The first impression when we look at the Bali natural stone is a Luxury thing. The lava stone can add this luxury thing to your house. The lava stone symbolizes the impression of confidence, strength, and splendor. So it is good to be applied to a building, especially a large building.

Moreover, the lava stone, which is known as one of the best stones with the best strength level. This natural stone has also been used for a long time for wall cladding, including in several historical buildings such as temples, which are still standing firm despite being eroded by changes in temperature and weather. In short, there’s no better option when it comes to decorating a house.

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The Elegances of Bali Lava Stone to Decorate Your House

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