Kuda Laut Mosaicis a premium Bali natural stone for the elegant swimming pool.

Nothing beats the sensation of lounging beside your pool when summer arrives, especially when you’re accompanied by a band of friends and glasses of fresh juices nearby. Instead of going to the public pool, why not try to create your own pool in your backyard? The swimming pool is a long-term investment that will make your house even more sophisticated and comfortable to live in. If you’re currently looking for a perfect match to tile your swimming pool, kuda Laut mosaic pool tiles are ideal for incorporating a unique element into a space that grabs attention. Whether you want to break up ordered lines or create a statement, mosaic tiles and border tiles will meet your needs.

The blue glaz mosaic for the blue lagoon pool

Kuda Laut mosaic tiles can be manufactured from travertine, marble, genuine pebbles, glass, metal, porcelain, and other stones, allowing you to obtain whatever appearance you choose. Because they come in a variety of colors, sizes, and finishes, glass mosaic tiles are very excellent for creating a one-of-a-kind appearance.

The variety of materials demonstrates mosaics’ flexibility. Kuda Laut mosaic patterns can be made from glass, marble, metal, stone, pebbles, porcelain, and other materials. As a result, there’s a vast room for exploration to create a genuinely stunningly strong pool feel.

Benefits of using kuda Laut mosaic

Unlike ceramics, kuda Laut mosaic tiles possess myriad advantages that won’t only beautify your pool, but also ensure its longevity.

Firstly, kuda Laut mosaic tiles have a high level of resistance, be it pressure or weather. This was resulted by its creation process that included heating in 24000 degrees celsius in 18 hours. Furthermore, the combustion process made mosaic tiles possess a higher resistance level compared to other tiles.

Secondly, kuda Laut mosaic tiles don’t require a lot of maintenance. It is water-resistant and rarely scratches, making it hard to break even when it’s used for years.

Furthermore, mosaic tiles also give a shiny effect to your pool. The combination of sunlight shining on the water and the glossy effect is a perfect match, as the glossy effect of the mosaic will make the color of the mosaic more radiant, and the water looks shinier and clearer.

The beauty of blue swimming pool with Kuda Laut Mosaic at Holiday Inn Bali’s resort

Third, unlike other materials, the mosaic that is installed in the pool doesn’t easily fall off. In addition to their strength, mosaics are also known for their excellent flexural or compressive strength, which is 450 kg/cm2. Compare this with the compressive power of ordinary floor tiles, which is only about 200 kg/cm2. Therefore, the mosaic is resistant to friction, so it will not easily come off when trampled by many people.

Where to buy kuda Laut mosaic tiles

If you are interested in building a summer pool of your own, make sure to get a high-quality kuda Laut mosaic from the store. In this case, Stone Depot can be your right pick—it is a leading natural stone supplier in Indonesia, offering a wide range of stones, carvings, soil products, and a lot more. In addition, it will provide you with professional customer service that will help you find the most suitable material for your swimming pool.

If you’d like to find out more about it and how much they’d cost for your project, feel free to reach out to us at: https://wa.me/62811201232 (Stefani) or email [email protected]

Summer Pool House Inspiration with Kuda Laut Mosaic

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