Indonesia Black Temple Lavastone – Your Durability and Elegance Tiles


Indonesia Black Lavastone for Wall Cladding

The black volcanic stone, also known as lava stone, is one of the oldest materials in the world. Indonesia’s black temple lava stone is especially famous among archeologists and architects. The country has numerous active volcanoes that contribute to its fertility, especially in Java and Bali. This geographical condition has provided Indonesians with abundant material for ancient and modern buildings. From the oldest temples to the contemporary resorts, black lava stone provides strength and durability that help the building to last for decades. You can order black lava stone in precut and pre-polished forms, making it easier to incorporate this ancient material into your project.

Indonesia Black Lavastone – Why Ancient Temples were Made of Lava Stone


Indonesia Buddha Statue made from Black Lavastone

Indonesia’s black temple lava stone gives iconic ancient buildings their unique looks. The Javanese used lava stone to build some of the oldest temples on the island, such as Dieng, Prambanan, and Borobudur. It means that people have actively mined, cut, and shaped black lava stone to build intricate architectures since at least the 7th century. The stone texture and appearance don’t change much even after centuries of outdoor exposure. Black lava stone may look greyish in some areas because of age. However, it still looks whole and solid, with just a few cracks. You may also find statues and engravings made of this stone.

Despite coming from blackened frozen lava, Indonesia’s black temple lava stone comes in several shades. You can get a light grey, dark grey, or black shade, depending on the effect you want. Dieng Temple has a more greyish tone, while Prambanan and Borobudur have a slight tone. This neutral tone makes the stone easy to match with various decorations and architectural styles. Lava stone also has a solid structure and durable surface, which helps it to withstand wind, dust, rain, and heat. Some people even favor the look of old lava stone since it has an “ancient” vibe that looks elegant.

You need an Indonesia-based stone supplier and manufacturer to get high-quality lava stone. The Bali-based Stone Depot provides pre-cut lava stone as for tiles, cladding, pavers, and slabs. The cladding panels appear in several options, such as the curved camel cladding and strip mosaic tiles. Lava stone is also available for swimming pool, dipping pool, and bathroom, with colors like dark grey, black, and light grey. There are several size options that you can choose depending on project requirements, such as 100x100x10, 200x200x10, 300x300x25, and 200x200x20 cm. Indonesia’s black temple lava stone is a great material to create an elegant building or architectural feature, just like the big ancient temples in Indonesia.

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Indonesia Black Temple Lavastone – Things You Need to Know

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