With their timeless elegance, Bali black basalt tiles serve as an attractive feature in The Trans Resort Bali.

Bali Black Basalt Tiles at Villa Sound of The Sea Canggu Bali

Using Bali black basalt tiles for the resort exterior, Trans Resort Bali in Sunset Road, Seminyak presents the wonder of Bali through its magnificent façade as well as impressive exterior and interior features. It blends cultural and natural elements with a sophisticated touch. From the pathway to the entrance hall, these natural stones suit the theme of the resort perfectly with their natural beauty. It’s definitely of the most outstanding features that will steal your attention. But what is so special about the basalt tiles? Below we have summarized the characteristics of the basalt tiles for you.

Bali Black Basalt Tiles – The Beauty and Functionality of Bali Basalt

Bali Basalt for Beautiful Swimming Pool Tiles

The popularity of Bali black basalt tiles is not without a reason. Because of their everlasting elegance, these natural stones are widely used for both interior and exterior settings. The Trans Resort Bali has proven this point. In this well-known resort, the black basalt tiles are used to embellish the pathway, hall, and swimming pool area. Mostly, they are combined with another popular basalt variety, such as grey basalt tiles. The combination of both varieties creates a striking contrast that is high in aesthetic values. Such a setting is also in line with the main concept of the resort that focuses on stylish natural design.

The natural Bali black basalt tiles are greatly functional and versatile for different housing settings. In The Trans Resort Bali, for instance, the black basalt tiles look strikingly beautiful as the outdoor décor. They are used to accentuate the fall landscape as well as embellish the pool areas. However, despite black basalt’s stunning look and high endurance, the use of this natural stone near water areas comes with additional notes. Some basalt finishing types—such as honed, polished, and sawn cut—are actually not the most ideal choice for decoration tiles in the swimming pool areas.

Bali Black Basalt Tiles

The aforementioned finishing types have low absorption ability, meaning that they cannot come in contact with water for a long period of time. To use Bali black basalt tiles for pool areas, it is highly suggested to coat the tiles before installing them for the first time. The coating process can make the tiles last until one year; after that, the installation requires recoating or even replacing the tiles entirely. In spite of this small flaw, Bali black basalt tiles are still considered an excellent way to decorate your property’s interior and exterior. They serve as an eye-catching feature and at the same time, give a pleasing view to anyone who cast a glance.

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Bali Black Basalt Tiles – An Elegantly Beautiful Feature in The Trans Resort Bali

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