Our Bali White Limestone is a premium natural stone for a time-honored luxury look for your house. Many high-standard places such as hotels and resorts worldwide have used this exotic natural stone tile to improve the interior look. This stone is the perfect choice for decorating your wall cladding. Even so, it can be used in many applications besides it.  The walls mostly play a significant role in housing design. This is not just something that separates space in any building but also a perfect platform to pour our creativity through it. Using Bali Limestone could be an excellent idea for decorating the house or just starting to build a new one.

The first rule for wall cladding is never to leave the wall un-touch by any decorations. As a platform, you can use the wall to hang the family portrait from a lovely event to remember, or maybe a magnificent piece of art painted by a famous artist. Another thing you can do for decorating the walls by adding a bookshelf, extra storage, or install a floating cabinet on it. Whatever you choose, the primary color you need to add to your wall is white or any other simple color. And if you want to take to the next level of the luxury look of your house, you need to learn the Bali White Limestone wall cladding that makes the wall the time-honored luxury.

Collection of Bali White Limestone for interior and exterior wall cladding

white limestone wall cladding
Bali White Limestone – Tumbled Cladding

The Bali white limestone is used to determine the concept of your wall, so there are several materials used to give a unique texture to it, which will make your wall different from others. For example, the contemporary wall-cladding wood creates a relaxed and warm ambiance. It also brings the time-honored traditional look and natural sense inside the house. It can turn your home seems a bit more environmentally friendly and straightforward. The wood paneling is suitable for a small modern minimalist house that uses wood flooring. Meanwhile, stone brick material would be the perfect pair selection for the bigger space room because it adds glamour and sturdiness.

As one of the authentic Bali stones, this stone is suitable for interior and exterior walls. For the interior, the limestone wall tiles will enhance the elegant look of your house, plus the material is ideal for any home, whether it’s a house with a large or minimalist size. Moreover, this stone is perfect for the exterior of the house, meaning that the Bali White Limestone is versatile. The material is available in three primary colors: white, classic gold, and paras. Of course, each collection has different functionality and looks for the interior and exterior walls.  The white limestone tiles are great for the interior look as they are neutral. These tiles fit the contemporary, vintage time-honored design and almost blend perfectly with every concept, even minimalist style.

Bali White Limestone tiles are the most high-value prospect in the market for property investment, thanks to their time-honored luxury touch. Also, this stone has strong durability and reasonable price. This natural stone is proven for any building construction project for more than decades.

If you’d like to find out more about it and how much they’d cost for your project, feel free to reach out to us at: https://wa.me/6285281327027 (Devi) or email: [email protected]

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