Bathing in a Bali stone bath is considered better because it is not only a place for bathing and cleansing the body but a place for relaxation and meditation. However, before buying a bathtub, you need to research first. In addition, there are many things to consider in getting the correct type of bathtub and allowing you to enjoy soaking. Several things need to be considered in choosing the ideal bath-up. The first thing first is you should consider the size of the bathtub.

Bathtubs have different sizes, and you can measure how big your bathroom is and divide the room for the bath and the sink or mirror. The next is to get to know the bathtub’s color and its effects. The lighter shade of the bathtub exposes the dirt to be more visible, while the darker color can hide the color of the soil from the rest of the soap. If you are interested in using natural stone, the Bali stone bath is the right choice.

Bali Stone Bath
Bali Stone Bath for Outdoor

The Models of Bali Stone Bath

Determine the model of the bathtub you want. There are several models of bathtubs, including freestanding bathtubs. This bathtub model is suitable to be installed in a minimalist design bathroom. Its simple shape and can be placed in any part of the bathroom makes it one of the most popular bathtubs ever. This bathtub model that has existed since the Victorian era usually has legs underneath, creating a vintage accent, especially if it is decorated in gold or silver.

The next is a corner bathtub. A corner bathtub could be the best solution for the bathroom’s limited space. As the name implies, this bathtub model is specially designed to be placed in the corner of the bathroom, which will not make your small bathroom look narrower. Most corner bathtubs are made of acrylic, but you can also use the Bali stone bath by Stone Depot which could make your soaking time more luxurious.

Another bathtub model is the alcove bathtub. It has a simple design but is still beautiful when combined with a white color combination for a minimalist bathroom concept. This type of bathtub is arguably the most standard with its rectangular shape attached to the bathroom wall.

The next is the drop-in bathtub which looks similar to the freestanding type. This bathtub model has ergonomic properties such as freestanding but does not have legs to support the top. Most drop-in bathtubs are also equipped with cabinetry for storing toiletries. This type of bathtub is commonly found in hotel and resort bathrooms.

The last is the stone bathtub. The bathroom design with natural nuances looks sweeter with the presence of a stone bathtub decorated with wooden walls and marble floors. The shape that seems round and tends to be asymmetrical adds to the appeal of this type of bathtub. The nuances of nature will be more pronounced if you add supports with rock base materials. Bali stone bath by Stone Depot has a variety of stone bathtubs of various sizes. You can even order the size and model you want.

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