Natural Bali Lava Stone for facades is now increasingly in demand. In architecture, the front of a building is often the most crucial thing from a design point of view because it provides the atmosphere for the rest of the building. The facade or the front of the house can describe the personality of the house owner. The facade is a face that reflects the image and expression of all parts of the building. Understanding the front of a building is not enough just to be seen, but rather a visible building that gives the characteristics of a particular installation.

Natural Bali Lava Stone for Facade
Natural Bali Lava Stone for Facade

Why Choose Natural Bali Lava Stone As A Material House Facade?

One of the right parts to be given a natural stone application is the pillars of the house’s facade, the area around the window frame, or the wall under the window frame. In general, this is a suitable placement for applying the natural stone. However, if the house has a fence, it should use the same natural stone in the area. For the facade color, choose a color that gives a bold/confident feeling but can blend with the environment. Then combine it with a suitable material in the facade design.

In addition, it is necessary to measure and balance so that later the facade results are not ambiguous and one-sided. Choose one of the natural stone types commonly applied to the facade for the natural stone facade.

Bali lava stone by Stone Depot with black color could be applied to the facade because it’s neutral and could be combined with another natural stone. Stone Depot also can help you to install natural stone for the façade and fence cladding.

The use of natural stone as a house facade should be 40% of the entire face. So, it does not look tacky and has too many motifs. Not to mention if the front of the house is a minimalist house. Apply natural stone such as Bali Lava Stone with some slate or river stone to create a shady and honest impression.

The natural stone placement system should be grouped at one point. The placement is intended to make the facade look tidy and fascinating. Also, consider the color of the natural stone that will be used as a facade material. Natural stone with a light color, such as sandstone, needs to be given an extra coating so that it can prevent moss.

The things you should know about natural stone

Before installing natural stone as a facade, it should be soaked first. After the natural rocks are soaked, drain them in a cool place. If natural stone is dried in direct sunlight, it will quickly evaporate and remove the moisture from the stone itself. Then the natural stone is attached to the wall using a mixture of cement and sand. It is better to use an instant cement mixture or a unique adhesive for natural stone so that the stone sticks firmly.

Once installed, immediately clean the natural stone from the dirt of the cement mixture and give a coating so that the stone looks more beautiful and durable. It’s quite risky if you do not have experience with building, our masons from Stone Depot can help you install the natural stone as your home ornament.

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