Our Andesite Stone is a premium Bali stone for the durable extraordinary pavers.

Natural stone is often used to complete a property’s appearance. In its use, natural stone has two different roles that are related to one another. In terms of strength, natural stone is often used because this material is known to have good strength qualities. Thanks to its ability to withstand various types of weather and temperature, natural stone will remain durable and sturdy even when installed outdoors. In addition, the use of natural stone will also add artistic value to the property. The style of natural stone gives a property more character. Andesite stone is an example of a natural stone that is often used to complement a building. Even the popularity of Andesite is at the same level as other natural stones such as marble.

Indonesian Andesite Stone

Based on its name, this stone comes from the Andes Mountains, South America, in fact, this stone is found in many countries that have volcanoes. Indonesia is a lucky country because it has many active volcanoes. This makes Indonesia one of the largest Andesite stone producers in the world. This material has been used for a long time and is even included in the construction of ancient temples dating from the megalithic era. Andesite is used because it has a very hard texture so it can withstand drastic changes in weather and temperature. Besides, there are many benefits that we can get from this stone that we’ll explain below:

Unique Motive

Similar to other natural stones that have certain motifs, Andesite stones also have unique motifs and are different from other types of volcanic stones. The composition of sand, lava stone, and silica in the Andesite make it look Earthy.

Strong as a Foundation

Besides having aesthetic value, Andesite stone also has natural properties in the form of strength. Its strength has even been proven for a long time, now the ancient temple is still strong even though it is hundreds of years old. The use of Andesite stones in the building foundation will increase the strength of the structure. It’s just that the use is limited to the wall area, and not the main building foundation.

Resistant to the Effects of Bad Weather

Whether you live in a tropic or sub-tropic area, the Andesite stone will stand for any kind of bad weather. Andesite stone will last forever even though it is exposed to constant heat and cold or drastic weather change.

Mold Free

Changes in weather often leave stains in the form of dirt which can then become ideal places for mildew and mold to grow. But not with Andesite stones which are free of mold and mildew. It will make you easier to clean the areas that use the Andesite stone. Plus, you will be worry-free as it won’t ruin its beauty.

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Andesite Stone – Indonesia Andesite Stone and The Good-Points

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