Bali beige marble is a premium Bali marble stone for durable and elegant floor tiles.

Eastparc Hotel Yogyakarta is one of the best choices to stay while on vacation. This resort has a variety of attractive facilities that provide comfort for visitors. Apart from that, they also have high-class service that will ensure all visitors’ needs are met. And the most interesting thing about this place is the architecture that makes us amazed.

We can tell that they are using the best material for each area. We can see from the minimalist but classy interior design. One that stole our attention is the beautiful floor with Bali Beige Marble. This is a great material that manages to create balance on the interior side.

The Eye-catching Interior Look with Bali Beige Marble at Eastparc Hotel Yogyakarta

Java pacific beige marble stone tiles improve the exoticism of the interior design

In interior design, there are many things that must be considered so that all concepts are realized according to plan. This is very important because every element and material used will determine the overall design. So we have to pay attention to each element so that everything can look in sync.

We can see that the architect has done the right thing because they used the right material for the right design. Most people wrong about this because they only think about design without considering the material they used. As the result, they can’t make their dreams come true. But with Bali Beige Marble, the architecture creates the interior design has a minimalist impression and remains classy.

Bali Beige Marble is a stone that has a unique color. Normally marble has color variation such as white, brown or yellowish tone, but this one has a beige color which makes it looks distinctive. Of course, we know that every color on marble has a character, like red, which is always a symbol of courage and romanticism with a strong character. But for this one, with a beige-bright gradation, this natural stone will provide a neutral accent without losing an elegant aura.

In other words, this is the right type of natural stone to enhance your interior design. In this case, it looks amazing as it makes the whole interior of Eastparc Hotel Yogyakarta look minimalist but catchy.

A Classic Bali Marble Tiles for Interior

Eastparc Hotel Yogyakarta decided to use Bali Beige Marble for flooring and so far, it is the right move. With colors that give a neutral accent to the floor, we can do various things with different colors for decorating walls, ceilings, and furniture. This is a good lesson for us because sometimes we can’t decide which part and which color to use for flooring and other parts of the room. As the floor has a neutral hue, we can do pretty much everything with other colors to create harmony. This is the advantage of using Bali Beige Marble as flooring.

When it comes to interior design, sometimes you need to all out to ensure it looks good in the end. Eastparc Hotel Yogyakarta has managed to do an amazing job by using Bali Beige Marble for flooring because they can realize a classy-minimalist concept.

If you’d like to find out more about it and how much they’d cost for your project, feel free to reach out to us at: (Stefani) or email [email protected]

A Classic Interior Floor with Bali Beige Marble

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