Our R&D’s Team

Innovation has defined at the heart of our company since its beginning. Our people have been dedicated to enhancing customer satisfaction by expanding our knowledge each day.

Our research and development team also strive to control our products with double care quality control that help customer satisfaction for themselves’ projects.

Our Research Product

Since the trend is a comeback, Terrazzo floor tiles become one of most orders each month.

Behind it, our passionate research team and development team always expanding their knowledge by attending seminars, learning under big our big customer assistance to find new inventions, and eco-friendly solutions.

Stone Depot launched the official brand of Terrazzo tile’s new invention, Terramix.

Terramix provides easy-to-install products for our clients which need Terrazzo material in their design projects both private and commercial customer projects.

Cover by simple bag packaging, Terramix is terrazzo cor instant material produce two types of products : Terramix terrazzo powder and Terramix terrazzo menir.

Our ambitions for Terramix are to become the world’s favorite terrazzo brand by providing premium quality material and services.

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