Bali Terrazzo is a premium natural stone for outdoor pavers.

Novotel Surabaya Hotel & Suites is the best place to spend a weekend during the holidays. This hotel offers exceptional services that will ensure the satisfaction of every visitor. Not only that, but the designs displayed will also make visitors feel comfortable just like in their homes. This hotel pays close attention to every detail because they believe that even the little things matter. When talking about the appearance of Novotel Surabaya, we can see how every corner of the area uses the best materials. Even just for the Pedestrian Walkway, Novotel Surabaya uses Bali Terrazzo – an unusual material due to its high aesthetic value.

Bali Terrazzo for Pavers

terrazzo-pedestrian-walkway-novotel-surabaya-hotel-suites (2)
Bali Terrazzo for Pedestrian Walkway at Novotel Surabaya Hotel & Suites

We all know that for the Pedestrian walkway, we can use stone pavers to add to its beauty. Moreover, we can choose at least 5 options that can be used to create a beautiful path. However, if you want to take it to a higher level, then you have to use the best materials to make it not only eye-catching but also look exotic. This is the reason why Novotel Surabaya Hotel & Suites chose Bali Terrazzo for the Pedestrian Walkway. Bali Terrazzo has been considered an essential component that will make the little things seem more meaningful. They want to show that they are detail-oriented, which indicates visitors’ satisfaction is the most important thing for them.

In Indonesia, Bali Terrazzo is one of the materials that can be processed into various kinds of goods. We can get a bathtub, washbasin, bathroom vanity, and it can also be used for flooring. Interestingly, we can use this material for interior and exterior flooring. The quality of the materials makes Terrazzo usable for both interior and exterior, thanks to its unquestioned strength and durability. This aspect makes Novotel Surabaya Hotel & Suites fell in love with the Terrazzo hence they use it as the Pedestrian Walkway. We all know that this is not a common thing as most of the time, people use terrazzo to decorate crucial parts of the property such as the living room or bathroom. But this time, Novotel Surabaya took the risk and they did it beautifully.

terrazzo-pedestrian-walkway-novotel-surabaya-hotel-suites (1)
Bali Terrazzo for the beautiful and durable pavers

This proves that the Bali Terrazzo is also a versatile material that will fit and blend in any situation. Now we have no limit in using Bali Terrazzo to adorn the property. If you can use them for the pedestrian walkway, why should hide them in the bathroom? This is the next level of a show-off, which also can add the aesthetic value of your property at once. People must be feeling prestigious to use the terrazzo for areas such as pedestrians. Indirectly, it also increases the value of the property.

Bali Terrazzo at the Novotel Surabaya Hotel & Suites has transformed our perspective. This beautiful material is something that will change the way people think about pedestrian walkways. The visitors are amazed at the perfect details of the hotel, one of them thanks to the Bali Terrazzo that change the whole appearance of the pedestrian path.

If you’d like to find out more about it and how much they’d cost for your project, feel free to reach out to us at: (Stefani) or email [email protected]

The Beauty Perfection of Bali Terrazzo for Pedestrian Walkway at Novotel Surabaya Hotel & Suites

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