Are you dreaming of having a modern swimming pool at your house? Having a swimming pool at your house will give you a special space to get relaxed and enjoy quality time with your family and friends. Nowadays, you do not have to have a spacious space to build one. You can build a compact, minimalist swimming pool that looks modern. But when you are about to build one, there are several things that you must consider, one of them being the material.

One of the most recommended materials for swimming pools is Bali lava stone. These stones are ideal for the surfaces and edges of the swimming pool. They are hard, solid and resistant to weather and water. In this article, we provide you with swimming pool designs.

Types of Swimming Pools Design Which Able to Use Bali Lava Stone

“Black Bali Lava stone for an outdoor swimming pool in Pacific Palisades, United States”

Natural Pool with Black Bali Lava Stone

If you want to have a modern, natural swimming pool, using Bali lava stone is a smart idea. These stones are natural stones so they will instantly create a natural look in the pool. The typical characteristic of natural swimming pools is the presence of large stones, artificial waterfalls, and plants. You can use Bali natural stones like Bali Limestone or Bali Sandstone for the edges and surfaces of the swimming pool.

These Bali natural stones are hard, solid, and resistant to weather and water. They are also highly durable, making them suitable for an outdoor natural swimming pool. If you wonder where to get these stones, you can buy any type of Bali natural stones at Stone Depot. Stone Depot offers high-quality Bali natural stones, including Bali lava stones. Go to their official website and contact them to place an order.

Lap Pool

For those who have a narrow yet long space, you can build a lap pool. A lap pool is a type of swimming pool used for fitness and health, which is usually rectangular in size with a width that tends to be small. It is a recommended pool if you have a narrow area at your house. The best way to place this pool is parallel to your house, right on the wall, or fence.

Plunge Pool

A plunge pool is suitable for you who just want to get relaxed in the pool without moving too much. It is also a recommended pool model if you have a tight area since it does not take up much space. Thanks to its small diameter and volume, building a plunge pool does not cost much money compared to other pool models. It does not require many materials and workers.

Circular Pool

Just like a lap pool, a circular pool is not a hassle and does not cost you a lot of money. It is because this pool is simple, it does not need variations to build a swimming pool. You can make it small or large, depending on the area you have at your house. The circle shape of this pool makes it simple and modern. It is also easy to decorate such a swimming pool.

Those are the swimming pool designs that you can build with Bali lava stone.

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