Bali natural stone is a premium building material for elegant & durable wall claddings.

Bali natural stone for exterior home decoration

Bali Natural Stone is one of the exotic natural stones that used by 5-stars hotel around the world as their wall decorations. This is one of the materials that are currently popular among interior designers. We all know that natural stone is considered a symbol of prosperity. Since ancient times, natural stone has been used as the main material for building projects. Moreover, several types of natural stone have a priceless value that is considered a perfect beauty such as Bali Lava Stone and Bali Sandstone. If you are interested in using Bali Natural stone as one of the exterior decorations of the house, you must know how to maintain its quality and beauty. Based on some experts’ advice, there are at least 6 ways you should do to ensure the quality of Bali Natural stone is well maintained. This treatment will also make Bali Natural stone glossy and durable!

Expert’s Advice for Maintain the Bali Stone Wall Cladding Keep Durable (1)
Beautiful exterior wall parts with Black Lava Temple Stone

Know the Stone’s Character

First of all, you must know the character of the natural stone used for cladding. In this case, Bali Natural stone actually does not require special care when used as exterior cladding. However, you still need to pay attention to some important details to ensure quality.

Remove the Dirt Regularly

At least once a week, we must assess each surface of the wall cladding to make sure there are no stains or dirt stuck to it. Even during the rainy season, you should be diligent in cleaning the wall cladding by removing new nodes as soon as possible. This will ensure that the wall cladding remains shiny and doesn’t lose its unique touch. It’s tiring but you will not regret it!

Create Shade around It

Although Bali Natural stone has a very good level of strength and is resistant to weather changes, it’s okay if you create a shade around it to minimize the penetration of direct sunlight. This is just a precautionary measure to ensure Bali Natural stone is durable.

Cover the Wall while Renovating

If you want to carry out several renovation projects around the exterior wall cladding, you must cover the walls during the renovation process. Small particles such as dust, cement stains, or liquids resulting from the renovation process can stick to the exterior wall cladding. If not detected early, these stains can affect the quality of the wall cladding.


Some products offer protection to ensure exterior wall cladding. Only by using a special liquid, you can coat the surface of the stone to avoid dust, nodes, and even protect against corrosion due to weather changes. If you plan to use a protective liquid, make sure the product is suitable for use as a natural stone coating.

Let the Experts Do Their Job

If you need assistance, you can consult an expert and let them do the work. Their experience will help you to ensure that your exterior wall cladding lasts a long time. So it is okay to admit that you have no idea what to do to make maintain wall cladding and let the expert take care of it for you.

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Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Bali Stone Wall Cladding Durable

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