Flooring is an important aspect of a building as it will determine the beauty of a building. The choice of floor type must also be adjusted to the design and concept. This will affect the overall harmony because almost every residential concept requires materials to clarify the character. You have the flexibility to choose the type of floor to be used. So far, many have chosen parquet wood flooring and ceramics. But if you want something different, Indonesia Grey Terrazzo Tile will be the right choice. Like what the Wujil Resort & Conventions Ungaran did, terrazzo floors make the interior look more enchanting.

Why We Should Choose Indonesia Grey Terrazzo Tile

The elegance Indonesia grey terrazzo floors at The Wujil Resort

The Wujil Resort & Conventions Ungaran is a hotel that carries an interesting concept. Located in the middle of a highland surrounded by green scenery, this hotel offers something that you can only feel here. This character is translated well in a building design that has harmony. Almost all aspects of the building use local products, a pride that is displayed with confidence. The existence of Indonesia Grey Terrazzo Tile also makes this residence look more eye-catching. You will see that every corner of the room has a distinctive character. Make this harmony feel thick so that every visitor feels comfortable.

If The Wujil Resort & Conventions Ungaran has chosen Indonesia Grey Terrazzo Tile, why should you? Well, everyone always wants something beautiful for their home. Material selection is also paramount. If it’s about flooring, you can determine various types of materials that can be selected according to the concept. But if you want the best flooring, terrazzo flooring will be a wise choice. Terrazzo has been shown to be effective in making a building look more aesthetic. This material will create an elegant touch to every corner of the room. Its beauty has also been recognized and this is the reason why many architects use it.

And it’s not just about the beauty because Indonesia Grey Terrazzo Tile is also a durable material. The terrazzo tile is made out of several combinations, including a mix of marble and cement. In the world of natural stone, marble is considered one of the most expensive stones. It has beauty and durability. And when the flooring tile consists of marble as one of the basic material, it is guaranteed that the terrazzo floor will last for years to come. The Wujil Resort and Conventions Ungaran understand that using terrazzo tiles as the flooring will give extra benefits.

indonesia-terrazzo-floors (2)
Indonesia Grey Terrazzo Tile offers exclusivity and durability to the Wujil Resort

When a high-class hotel has chosen Indonesia Grey Terrazzo Tile as one of their materials, it’s alright to consider it for your projects too. The Indonesia Grey Terrazzo Tile offers a unique experience once it’s installed in the whole space. Other than gray, it is also available in several tones that can match your wish. Even using two different tones will make the floor look awesome thanks to the perfect color combination. Plus, you can use this material in almost every section of the rooms. Now you can create your own projects with terrazzo tile.

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Indonesia Grey Terrazzo Tile Create The Elegance Touch at The Wujil Resort & Conventions Ungaran

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