Our Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles is a premium Bali natural stone for the sparkling swimming pool. Many hotels and resorts over the world have used this exotic natural stone tile to improve the pool. If you need to find
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Natural stone is often used as a material in buildings. Some types of natural stone that have big names such as Quartz, Marble, Andesite, and so on. But in its development, there are several new variants that offer different advantages. It is no secret that Quartz, Marble, and Andesite are known to have fantastic prices. So, other natural stones become the right alternative because of lower prices. However, that does not mean the quality is low. Some of the alternative natural stones, such as Green Sukabumi stone, which has advantages not possessed by Marble, Quartz, and Andesite. The green Sukabumi stone offers strength and durability for your building projects.

Green Sukabumi Stone Tile for Breathtaking Swimming pool

When the Quartz, Marble, and the Andesite couldn’t stand for the outdoor utility, the Green Sukabumi stone offers something they can’t. This stone is great for any outdoor projects, such as walls, floors, and also tiles. The Green Sukabumi stone is also known as the best material for the swimming pool thanks to its unique characteristic. This stone has great endurance in all conditions as it is thermally stable. The stone will not absorb the heat easily so it is great for the pool. The water will always fresh even though it is very hot outside.

The Durable Stone Tiles for Swimming Pool in the Philippines

green-sukabumi-stone-tile (2)
Green Sukabumi Stone – The Durable Stone Tile for Swimming Pool (Photo courtesy of Bulgari Resort & Hotel, Dubai)

The stone is now widely used for any swimming pool projects around the world, from Dubai to Bali, Bangkok to Sydney. And now, the Green Sukabumi stone tiles are used for the beautiful swimming pool project in the Philippines. It is all because the world-class architects start to realize the greatness of the Green Sukabumi stone tiles. These tiles are not only thermally stable and heat-resistance, but also have great durability over the years. This stone has unique features that will give an abundance of benefits for the future.

When it comes to durability, it means that you have invested in great products that give you return value in the future. The Green Sukabumi stone tiles will last forever as it has a very low absorption rate. The density of the stone is maintained even though it is used underwater. The water would not penetrate the inside part of the stone even though the surface of the tiles have small holes. These small holes are also crucial as they provide a wonderful grip for the users. It leads to a better safety system at your pool, making it less susceptible to accidents.

green-sukabumi-stone-tile (3)
Green Sukabumi Stone Tile : Zeolite Contains

And one last thing, a unique characteristic that makes Green Sukabumi stone tiles are the best natural stone for the swimming pool is, the natural substance contained in it. The stone has Zeolite, a substance that will help to keep the pool healthy by killing the bacteria and other microorganisms. It also gives you another benefit as you don’t need extra cost to maintain the pool every week. The substance works like magic as the pool has self-caring to keep the water fresh and healthy. Those are the reasons why the Green Sukabumi stone tiles are now famous in the Philippines.

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Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles – The Durable Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles for Swimming Pool in the Philippines

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