Our Andesite Stone Pavers is a premium Bali natural stone for the durable outdoor pavers.

Andesite Stone Pavers at HarbourFront Sydney, Australia

Determining the right decoration for the backyard is not easy. After you have finished selecting the types of plants and their arrangement, it is time to complete the backyard with the right decorations. One way that is often done is to make a path using a paving block. This method is often used because there are many types of natural stone that can be used to beautify the backyard if you want to make a path. Of the many natural stones available, Andesite stone is the type that has the most demand. We also recommend you to choose Andesite stones for pavers as it gives abundant benefits.

The Origin of Andesite Stone

Andesite is a type of volcanic rock that has been frozen and has a certain texture. This is one type of basalt and dacite known as rocks originating from volcanic regions. The strength of Andesite has been tested since ancient times. Even some megalithic sites such as temples and pyramids use Andesite stones as the main material. This proves that the strength and durability of Andesite have been proved. Hence, many home designers now hunt for Andesite stone as the main material for pavers. Besides having good strength and density, this stone also has a distinctive color.

The Characteristic of Indonesia Andesite Stone

Indonesia Andesite Stone Pavers

After knowing where the Indonesia Andesite stones come from, let’s get to know more about these natural stones according to their characteristics.

Have a good Density Level

Indonesia Andesite stone is a type of extractive stone, which is experiencing a freezing and crystallization process above the ground. Lava that flows into an area will freeze above the ground surface due to cooler temperatures. This makes the stone crystallization process go faster. Andesite stone has a very good density level, so it is sturdy when used as pavers. It doesn’t crack even though you step on it every day.


The fact that our ancestors used Indonesia Andesite stones for many sites shows that this stone is durable. From the economic perspective, using the Andesite stones on your property will give you benefits over the long term. Its durability will keep the cost for the replacement low or never. You just buy it once and it is useful forever. But please be careful with the fake products that made with cement instead of real Andesite stone!

Elegant Natural Color

The best part about the Andesite stone is that the calm and neutral tone that perfect for almost anything. Its natural color is gray; it is available in a darker or brighter tone and you can choose it depends on your desire. The natural color looks elegant even though it is plain. This is good because it blends with almost any colorful decorations when it is used as pavers or wall.

Non-Slip Character

The reason many home designers use the Indonesia Andesite stone for pavers is because of the non-slip character on it. This stone is great and safe when used for pavers. Even in wet conditions, you can walk safely thanks to its amazing surface.

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Fun Facts About Andesite Stone for Outdoor Pavers

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