Bali grey basalt is a premium Bali natural stone for durable and elegant wall cladding.

Among other options to enhance the appearance of the walls, wall cladding is still the right choice to give character to the wall. This is a perfect technique because we are not only giving a high-quality layer to the wall but also ensuring there is an added aesthetic value that makes it perfect.

Moreover, wall cladding also has several material choices that will give us freedom in choosing a theme, pattern, and budget. We can see Bukit Daun Hotel & Resort Kediri, one of the best places to stay that can also provide inspiration before we start a wall cladding project. This resort gives nothing but service at its best!

Bali Grey Basalt Wall Cladding at Bukit Daun Hotel & Resort Kediri

grey-basalt-strips-mosaic-pattern-bukit-daun-hotel-resort-kediri (1)
Grey basalt with strips mosaic pattern for wall cladding at Bukit Daun

One of the things to consider before the project starts is to choose a natural stone. Of the many choices, natural stone is still the best because it will give a bold character to the wall. Moreover, natural stone has many advantages that will keep the walls strong.

For a classic impression like Bukit Daun Hotel & Resort Kediri, Bali Grey Basalt will be the perfect material in comparison to others. Moreover, Bali Basalt is actually available in several types, such as Crystal Black Basalt, Green Basalt, Ocean Blue Basalt, Tropical Red Basalt, or Baltic Gray Basalt. In other words, there are many color choices that can be combined to create a variety of patterns and accents.

Bukit Daun Hotel & Resort Kediri decided to use Bali Grey Basalt Wall Cladding because this Bali natural stone gives a classic, elegant character while adding a thick natural accent. These characters match the style of the resort that wants to present to visitors.

The Exclusive Bali Basalt Wall Tiles

grey-basalt-strips-mosaic-pattern-bukit-daun-hotel-resort-kediri (2)
Bali basalt with grey-brown color brings the aesthetic value for the place

An exclusive impression will emerge because almost every detail in the resort has a strong classic accent. Not only that, but Bali Grey Basalt also provides an additional plot twist that can add aesthetic value. In real projects, we can use other types of natural stone which can be used to mix and match. The results of the wall cladding also look stunning because there is a blend of accents that make everything perfect.

Apart from aesthetics value, we all know that Bali Basalt stone is one of the natural stones that have a very good level of resistance. This natural stone is suitable for wall cladding projects because it is resistant to weather and temperature. Bali Gray Basalt used in the Bukit Daun Hotel & Resort Kediri has a consistent color despite changes in weather and temperature. In other words, this natural stone will still give its original character even though it has been installed for more than 5 years. Even at that time, the classic impression will look stronger because the wall cladding arrangement has a color that blends with nature.

This is proof that Bali Grey Basalt is the best natural stone tile for wall cladding thanks to Bukit Daun Hotel & Resort Kedir that shows us their works. And you won’t be disappointed using the same material for your wall cladding projects.

If you’d like to find out more about it and how much they’d cost for your project, feel free to reach out to us at: (Stefani) or email [email protected]

Discover The Exclusive Bali Grey Basalt Wall Cladding

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