Swimming pools with a minimalist concept has been growing in popularity. Building a pool in such a design idea doesn’t automatically mean reducing the use of ornamental elements as much as possible. Instead, there are still various areas to be profoundly explored to construct a magnificent minimalist pool. One of which is to use Green Sukabumi tiles as the primary material.

Minimalist Pools by Stone Depot

green-sukabumi-for-pool-tiles-in-moldova-project-by-stone-depot (3)
Green Sukabumi Stone for minimalist pool in Moldova project by Stone Depot

The actual meaning of a minimalist-style pool is to optimize the use of the existing area without compromising additional elements that might enhance the decorative and functional value of the pool itself. Thus, there will be a balance between practical and aesthetic value.

Take, for example, one of the most recent Stone Depot projects in Moldova. The pool was constructed on a narrow area; thus, minimalism is the ideal design. 

While it successfully brings out a simple yet elegant look—the typical appearance of minimalist designs—the pool offers a reasonably high practical value, thanks to the patio and pool chairs made of hardwood.

Another pool project brought by Stone Depot can be located in one of Trinidad and Tobago’s resorts. The pool at this resort looks as though hanging from one of its floors. It’s one of the most efficient ways implemented by many commercial buildings to get around having limited space.

The two pools above have one thing in common: they both use Green Sukabumi tiles. Although many other natural stone tiles effectively achieve the minimalist aesthetic, Green Sukabumi has its own set of benefits.

What are the Perks of Using Green Sukabumi Tiles?

green-sukabumi-for-pool-tiles-in-moldova-project-by-stone-depot (2)
Exotic swimming pool and elegant design with Green Sukabumi Tiles

From Bali to Dubai, Bangkok to Chisinau, Green Sukabumi stone has been utilized in a broad array of pool projects worldwide. Aside from its natural beauty, the stone can effectively absorb heat and is thermally stable, making it profoundly durable.

With outstanding durability, you’ve instantly invested in a high-quality product, which means you won’t have to spend as much time and money on maintenance. Because it has a low absorption rate, Green Sukabumi is deemed a natural stone that can last a considerably long time.

Another distinguishing feature of green Sukabumi is the presence of zeolite, which makes it the most refined natural stone for creating a minimalist pool. The swimming pool will remain clean at all times, thanks to this substance.

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