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The beauty of Bali natural stone for luxury resorts around the world

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green sukabumi stone thailand

Green Sukabumi stone looks so tropical in the swimming pool at Renaissance Pattaya Resort, Thailand.


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The precious igneous rock with good durability and versatility for modern design projects.

Green Sukabumi Stone

The stunning natural stone for luxury pools around the world.


The elegance natural stone made from lava eruption.


Another great natural stone tiles to improve tropical ambiance.


The classic natural stone for extraordinary design projects.

Charming, Natural, Everybody Peaceful! Finding Your Happy Place Close to Nature

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Bringing Luxury with Sukabumi Green Stone: An Elegant Guide to Swimming Pool Design

Designing a swimming pool is an exciting endeavor that allows you to create a stunning oasis right in your own backyard. One material that has gained immense popularity in recent years for its natural beauty and unique color is Green Stone Sukabumi. Stone Depot brings...

Exploring the Beauty of Swimming Pools with Sukabumi Green Stone

A mesmerizing swimming pool can transform your backyard into a serene oasis where you can unwind and rejuvenate. When it comes to crafting a pool that exudes timeless elegance, there's no better choice than the exquisite Sukabumi Green Stone sourced from the renowned...

3 Ideas to Design Beautiful Swimming Pool in Spain

Designing a unique swimming pool using natural stones in Spain can be a stunning addition to your property, as the country is known for its beautiful landscapes and architecture. Using natural stone for your pool can enhance the aesthetics and create a harmonious...

The Aesthetic and Uses of White Limestone Wall Cladding

If you like the Tuscan style home, you may have it by applying white limestone wall cladding. As we know, this home style is popular for its strategic use of recycled wood, plaster, wrought iron, and space bringing back Europe. Besides that, the character of the...

Limestone Indonesia: Sizes, Formats, Characteristics, Types, and Pros & Cons

Limestone Indonesia belongs to a fine material that has a consistent color. It is a finely-grained stone that comes with a high calcite content and contains halite & gypsum minerals. Limestone is available in some types and some of them have siliceous crystalline...

Green Sukabumi Stone: Its Unique Properties and Why Choose It

Green Sukabumi Stone is an Indonesian product that takes presence internationally. And, it will not stop its fast growth soon. For your information, Picturesque Spain build some private swimming pools in Coimbra with this high-quality natural stone. You need to know...

Black Lavastone: Types, Sizes, Applications, Substance

You can find Black Lavastone or Pedra Hitam in volcanoe areas like Java, Indonesia. When wet, the stone is black. When dry, it will be gray. That’s why it looks elegant for wall, swimming pool, etc. You can find the application of the black lava stone in many resorts...

Learn to Clean Bali Sandstone Floors – Quick & Easy

There are many ways to maintain Bali Sandstone Floors, this article will teach you how to do that. If you are interested, you can read more to know more – – WA : +62 852-8132-7027 (Devi)

Tropical Pools with Green Bali Stone Cebu

There are many reasons why there are so many tropical pools with green Bali stone Cebu. Want to know more? Read this article and Let’s find out! – – WA : +62 852-8132-7027 (Devi)

Bali Stone Wall Cladding For Trendy Home

There are so many materials that can use as wall cladding. You can use cement for an unfinished look, paint with various colors, wallpaper, ceramics, tiles, and natural stone. Bali natural stone is one of the wall cladding materials that are pretty popular. This...

The Most Favorite, Green Stone Sukabumi

Nowadays, the use of natural stone as a building material has become mandatory for someone who wants to build his dream home. There are two types of natural stone as a building material: hard stone and soft stone.  The division is distinguished from the strength and...

Bali Stone Bath for Relaxation and Meditation

There are many kinds of bathtubs that use bali natural stone, one of them is Bali Stone Bath by Stone Depot which could make your soaking time more luxurious – – WA : +62 852-8132-7027 (Devi)

Green Sukabumi Stone – The Exoticsm of Green Sukabumi Stone for Luxury Pool in the Philippines

The Exoticsm of Green Sukabumi Stone for Luxury Pool in the Philippines. Info product, – WA : +62 852-8132-7027 (Devi)

Luxury Green Swimming Pool Designs to Revitalize Your Eyes

Green Luxury Pools Ideas with Sukabumi Stone. – WA : +62 852-8132-7027 (Devi)

Outstanding Wall Cladding

Our stunning wall cladding collection made from precious natural stone such as Volcanic Lavastone, Limestone, Basalt, and Green Sukabumi Stone, sourced from the beauty of Bali’s nature.

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