Bali Black Lavastone Tiles

The beauty of Bali natural stone for luxury resorts around the world

Bulgari Hotel & Resort Dubai

Shining, shimmering, splendid pool projects, made with Bali Natural Stone by Stone Depot

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Green Sukabumi stone looks so tropical in the swimming pool at Six Senses Resort, Seychelles.

Enjoy the eco-friendly material for your eco-modern home.

From large spaces to minim pollute, the new warehouse ready to store the materials more properly.

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The precious igneous rock with good durability and versatility for modern design projects.

Green Sukabumi Stone

The stunning natural stone for luxury pools around the world.


The elegance natural stone made from lava eruption.


Another great natural stone tiles to improve tropical ambiance.


The classic natural stone for extraordinary design projects.

Charming, Natural, Everybody Peaceful! Finding Your Happy Place Close to Nature

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Outstanding Wall Cladding

Our stunning wall cladding collection made from precious natural stone such as Volcanic Lavastone, Limestone, Basalt, and Green Sukabumi Stone, sourced from the beauty of Bali’s nature.

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