Limestone Indonesia belongs to a fine material that has a consistent color. It is a finely-grained stone that comes with a high calcite content and contains halite & gypsum minerals. Limestone is available in some types and some of them have siliceous crystalline granules content. When it comes to the types of limestone, Classic White Limestone and Classic Gold (Gold Beige) Limestone belong to the most popular types. For the finishing, you can find the sawn cut and honed limestones, bush hammered and etched limestones, as well as split face limestones.

Sizes and Formats of Limestone Indonesia


If you want to buy Indonesian limestone, you have to choose the size and format. For your information, there are different sizes and formats of limestone available on the market. For the format, there are limestone tiles, pavers, pool tiles, and cut-to-size limestone. So, when looking for limestone, there are 3 aspects to decide on: finishing, size, and format. Make sure that you choose it based on your needs.

Characteristics of Limestone Indonesia

It is important to know that limestone has fine grains that enable a smooth and clean surface. Besides that, it is also suitable for both indoor & outdoor applications. Then, it also offers high density, color longevity, and different finish options. Classic white limestone comes with a vivid white color whereas classic gold limestone’s color is warm golden.

Types of Limestone Indonesia

Now, let’s see the difference between White Classic and Gold Classic Limestones.

Classic White Limestone Indonesia

This is a type of limestone Indonesia with a vivid white color and fine grains that enable a clean, smooth surface finish. For the application, this limestone is appropriate for striking wall application, ornament, carving, as well as floor with low traffic application.

Classic Gold (Gold Beige) Limestone Indonesia

On the other hand, this is a limestone type that comes with a creamy golden-brown color and fine grains for a clean, smooth surface. You can apply it for striking wall application, ornament, and carving.

Pros & Cons of Limestone Tiles and Pavers

As we know, limestone is a type of natural stone used for building constructions. Usually, people use it for the buildings’ floorings and walls. It is very popular because of the stunning look as well as the various textures available. Indonesia belongs to the biggest exporters of limestone with a high quality and beautiful look. Of course, limestone has its own strengths and drawbacks. So, make sure that you understand it before buying.

In addition, to looking beautiful, limestone also feels cool. That’s why it is suitable for warm areas. Of course, you will feel more comfortable when stepping on the floor from limestone tiles. However, you have to know that limestone is hard to care for and maintain. In fact, the hardest part of limestone is still soft. So, it is susceptible to damage, especially in heavy traffic. That’s why we never recommend limestone for a heavy-traffic area. Besides that, it is porous, too, making it easy to absorb stains. However, if your priority is beauty, limestone Indonesia is a great choice.

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