Green Sukabumi Stone is an Indonesian product that takes presence internationally. And, it will not stop its fast growth soon. For your information, Picturesque Spain build some private swimming pools in Coimbra with this high-quality natural stone. You need to know that Coimbra is a lovely riverfront city which was once a former palace in Portugal. We don’t need to explain of how beautiful Coimbra is. But a resident with a private swimming pool probably want to touch a bit that exotic elegance from this project. If you’re interested in this natural stone & its quality, keep reading to find out.

What to Know About Green Sukabumi Stone

At a glance, we can notice that this natural stone is luxurious. Basically, it turns any property into 5-star or high-class easily. That’s what the private pools in Coimbra want to aim. Belongs to the most significant Indonesian green natural stones for fountains, pathways, walls, and pools, Green sukabumi tiles (Pedra Hijau Verde) works out the bright green color under the water for creating the beautiful illusion. So, it creates a more enjoyable swimming experience with a more positive feeling. In addition, it offers a bonus of an impressive feed on social media.

Some of the benefits of this green natural stone include its stable thermal, water-resistant, high level of hardness, natural verdant color, and anti-slip quality. These all are useful for a safe illusion for swimming pools, paired with its Zeolite substance. For your information, the Zeolite substance in the Green Sukabumi Stone is a mineral component that is useful to filter dangerous materials in the water. Because of that, this natural stone offers good benefits for human health in the long term.

To make a perfect design & easy application, you have also to choose the finishing as well as standard sizes carefully. Here, you may consider customizing the finishing from rough, sawn cut, bevel, or honed. Anyway, this green natural stone is not only attractive. However, it also presents cleaner and healthier water. Furthermore, you’ll have the opportunity to reduce the usage of chlorine up to 20 percent. And, it contributes to less chemical aggressiveness to human’s skin.

Why Choose Green Sukabumi Stone

This natural green stone doesn’t only keep your swimming pool clean and nice but also offers some other unique properties, making it excellent for pools & other outdoor applications. We all know that this natural stone from Sukabumi is thermally stable. It means, this stone will not absorb too much heat. In addition, it comes with anti-slip properties, that minimizes any accident around the swimming pool.

It also has a low absorption rate as well as strong water resistance. Since it is very impermeable, you shouldn’t seal this natural stone to make sure its durability. In fact, it endures for generations without much maintenance as it offers high abrasion resistance to chipping and scratches. Commonly, designers use Green Sukabumi stone for swimming pools. However, it also becomes a good choice for wall and floor applications. Because of its unique properties, this is suitable for stone walkways or back patio.

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