Andesite Stone and Its Composition



The natural stone that is often used to beautify the building is andesite stone. The name andesite is adapted from the Andes Mountains. It is because many andesite stones were found near the Andes Mountains. Andesite is a volcanic rock whose formation occurs above the ground surface. Andesite is composed of minerals with refined crystal grains (small size). Andesite stones are formed from magma with temperatures between 900 to 1,100 degrees Celsius. The formation of these fine mineral grains occurs due to the rapid formation of andesite rock from lava flowing on the earth’s surface.




Another characteristic of andesite stone is it has fairly dense pores and structure. But the structure of andesite stone density is still under the granite stone. Generally, andesite stone has a gray color. Environmental and weather conditions can produce dark brown andesite stones. Construction fields usually use andesite stone, such as the manufacture of runways, bridges, and roads. At the same time, the carved and fine andesite stone can be used as natural stone material to beautify the building.











Andesite Stone Tiles with premium quality



The Uses of Andesite Stone



One of the uses of andesite stone is for a carport floor. Andesite stone by Stone Depot is burned, cooled, and carved and can be installed as natural stone to decorate the floor. The carport can be an alternative to a garage or if you have a garage, but the vehicle is more than the garage’s capacity. Carports are usually equipped with a roof to protect the vehicle from rain, night dew, and hot sun. The types of natural stone commonly used for a carport are andesite stone and river stone. The color, which tends to be dark, serves to disguise blemishes and looks natural. The carport floor with andesite stone has its charm because it can be formed with unique and varied motifs. Special skills are needed to make a carport floor using natural stone, which can be created by experienced builders. So that the carport floor is not easily attacked by fungus and moss, don’t forget to regularly coat the surface with a liquid coating.











Andesite Stone for the durable pavers



When making a carport floor, some things to consider are the space and land area for the carport. Wider the size of the carport at least one meter wider from the size of the vehicle. Remember to use excess land, not too close to the size of the car. Pay attention to the location of the carport and the direction in and out of the vehicle. Also, take a note of the movement and flow of the vehicles that are on a different road from the yard. The las is the material used. The use of natural stone can be combined with ceramics or plaster. Pay attention to the size of the natural stone and adjust the precision during installation to install it neatly. In addition, natural stone combinations can be a good option. Andesite stone by Stone Depot can be combined with coral or river stone. Using natural stone with a solid and not slippery texture is essential for safety and aesthetic factors. Using natural stone with a solid and not slippery texture is important for safety and aesthetic factors.





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